Things to do in and around the Skala Area: Discover Kefalonia's Hidden Gems!

Uncover the magic of Kefalonia beyond our Skala villa's doorstep! Dive into our guide to the local attractions and explore the wonders waiting to be discovered in our charming village and its surroundings.

Skala Beach - Enjoy the sun and sea at Skala Beach, one of the most popular beaches on Kefalonia. With its golden sand and clear waters, it's perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Mounda Beach - Nestled between Skala and Katelios, Mounda Beach is a pristine stretch of coastline known for its soft sand and shallow waters, ideal for families and nature lovers.

Kaminia Beach - Escape the crowds and unwind at Kaminia Beach, a secluded spot famous for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Keep an eye out for nesting loggerhead turtles during the summer months.

Ancient Roman Villa - Want to do more than visit the beach or sit by the villa's private pool? Why not explore the ruins of the Ancient Roman Villa, located just outside Skala. Discover the remains of this ancient settlement, including well-preserved mosaics depicting scenes from everyday life.

Old Skala - Step back in time as you wander the charming streets of Old Skala, a traditional village known for its historic buildings, quaint churches, and panoramic views of the Ionian Sea.

Skala Windmill - Admire the iconic Skala Windmill, a historic landmark perched on a hill overlooking the village. Climb to the top for stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside and coastline.

Monastery of Agios Andreas - Visit the Monastery of Agios Andreas, a beautiful Byzantine monastery located just a short drive from Skala. Explore the monastery grounds and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

Apostolos Andreas Cave - Discover the natural wonders of Apostolos Andreas Cave, a hidden gem tucked away in the hills above Skala. Marvel at the impressive stalactites and stalagmites that adorn the cavern walls.

Kato Kateleios Environmental Center - Learn about the local wildlife and conservation efforts at the Kato Kateleios Environmental Center. Explore interactive exhibits and educational displays showcasing the flora and fauna of Kefalonia.

Agios Georgios Castle - Venture away inland from our gorgeous Kefalonia Villa to Agios Georgios Castle, a medieval fortress perched on a hilltop overlooking Skala. Explore the ruins and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and coastline.

If you need any more suggestions on things to do, please reach out to the team here at Villa Lemoni, we can't wait to help!