Explore the Finest Villas in Kefalonia, Greece – Your Guide to Choosing the Right Villa for you

Are you in search of villas in Kefalonia, Greece, for your next vacation? From family-friendly accommodations to intimate retreats for couples, the options are plentiful. This article serves as your concise guide to understanding villa choices on this picturesque island, with Villa Lemoni highlighted for its balance of luxury and location. Prepare to identify the ideal stay for your travel needs without the fluff—just practical insights to enhance your Kefalonia Villa experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Villa Lemoni stands out in Kefalonia with luxury amenities, including housekeeping, high-speed internet, and a pool, adding to a unique indulgent experience.

  • The family-friendly Villa Lemoni caters to guests of all ages, offering kid-friendly facilities and is close to activities like beach play and watersports.

  • Villa Lemoni is not only perfect for families but also offers a private, romantic setting for couples looking to enjoy intimacy and tranquility in a beautiful location.

Discovering Kefalonia's Luxury Villas - why you should choose Villa Lemoni:

Finest Villa in Kefalonia : Villa Lemoni Skala

Kefalonia presents a variety of captivating villas for an ideal getaway, and among them is the exceptional Villa Lemoni in Skala. This villa shines as a pinnacle of luxury and comfort for those looking to indulge themselves. Perfectly positioned in southern Kefalonia, it allows guests to enjoy both tranquility and easy access to the lively town of Skala.

The lavishness at Villa Lemoni goes beyond its awe-inspiring vistas and enviable location. It encompasses premium services that elevate your villa holiday experience.

  • Regular housekeeping service

  • Optional assistance with grocery purchases

  • The option for personal chef services

  • Laundry facilities including a washing machine

  • High-speed internet connectivity

  • Entertainment choices such as Netflix, Prime Video, plus various DVD options

  • Complementary towels for poolside or beach use

  • Good coffee machine to make a latte to enjoy on the balcony

With these amenities on offer, you are guaranteed not just comfort but sheer indulgence during your stay.

Take pleasure in the outdoor features of this abode – bask under the sun by the south-facing swimming pool which captures sunlight throughout the day. If dining under the stars appeals to you, make good use of our open-air dining area equipped with barbecue grills and pizza ovens — perfect components for enjoying summertime meals outside.

Deciding on visiting Kefalonia—and choosing Villa Lemoni specifically—means treating yourself far more than simply taking time off. Rather you’re investing in an unforgettable encounter that will be remembered forever.

Family-Friendly Villas in Kefalonia - Why Choose Villa Lemoni

Making memories in the infinity pool at Villa Lemoni Skala

Kefalonia is home to some exceptional family-oriented villas, and Villa Lemoni stands out among them. Designed with all ages in mind, it features a bedroom on the ground level adjacent to the living space and pool area — ideal for elderly family members. The villa offers ample room, comfortably housing up to six guests, which makes it perfect for big families or group vacations. Its stunning infinity pool is ideal for all the family! 

Villa Lemoni ensures that its guests are never bored by providing an array of activities suitable for any age group. Guests can spend their days creating sandcastles at pristine blue flag beaches or take stand up paddle boarding lessons from skilled instructors. They can indulge in various amenities offered by the villa itself. For children’s convenience and safety, this fabulous skala villa comes equipped with facilities such as toddler-friendly cutlery sets, cots and highchairs. Moreover, it boasts an assortment of toys, games,and pool inflatables tailored just for kids’ enjoyment.

The reputation of Villa Lemoni as a top choice for arranging memorable family getaways is well-established thanks to its focus on comfort,ease,and entertainment value catering especially toward those vacationing with children.

Romantic Escapes: Villas for Couples

For couples seeking a secluded getaway, Villa Lemoni offers the perfect romantic escape. Designed with privacy and intimacy in mind, the villa offers:

  • A sanctuary for couples to enjoy each other’s company in tranquility

  • A location far from prying eyes

  • Serene quiet, ensuring you enjoy your time together without interruptions.

The villa comes with built-in barbecues and sun terraces, offering a perfect setting for outdoor living and romantic meals. Imagine enjoying breakfast on the balcony, with a stunning sea view as your backdrop, or creating a romantic atmosphere by the pool with gorgeous lanterns as the stars twinkle above. These experiences, combined with the villa’s complete privacy, make Villa Lemoni the ideal choice for your romantic Kefalonia villa holiday.

Kefalonia's Culinary Delights: Villas Near Local Dining Experiences

Immersing yourself in the vibrant culinary scene is one of the pleasures you can enjoy during a Kefalonia villa holiday. At Villa Lemoni, you don’t just have proximity to local eateries. Its location at Old Skala situates you right amidst them. Within easy reach by taxi, an array of local dining establishments awaits your discovery.

You’ll find everything from traditional Greek tavernas offering age-old recipes to seafood joints that serve up the ocean’s latest bounty near the Old Skala Villas. Notable dining spots include The Pines in Skala and various options found in Katelios and Ratzakli. For those with a zest for hands-on experiences, there’s even a cooking school located within driving distance in Poros where aspiring chefs can learn how to create authentic Greek specialties.

Alternatively, opting for an intimate meal within your own villa is always on the table. By hiring a private chef at Villa Lemoni, you’ll be treated to exquisite dishes set against the backdrop of your stylish dining area—a guaranteed highlight during your stay on Kefalonia Island. Whether or not gastronomy tops your list when traveling, this particular villa holiday promises unforgettable taste adventures.

Transportation Tips: Getting Around Skala, Kefalonia

Exploring Kefalonia is effortless due to its diverse modes of transport. You have the choice to relish the independence that comes with driving a rental car, enjoy the ease provided by catching a taxi or bus, or opt for the distinctive adventure of traversing the island on a boat – Kefalonia caters to all these preferences.

Car Rentals

Exploring Kefalonia at a leisurely tempo is ideal, and renting a car enhances this experience. The island features several rental services you can choose from such as Hertz, National, Enterprise, Alamo, and Avis.

To bypass extra charges while securing your vehicle in Kefalonia:

  • Opt to rent your vehicle from agencies located away from the airport. They have lower taxes and fees – simply catch a short taxi or rideshare trip to these offsite venues.

  • Ensure early booking of rentals which often guarantees more favorable rates.

  • Engage with loyalty programs offered by rental companies that allow accrual of points leading up to benefits without any additional cost.

Adhering to these guidelines will assist in economizing while enjoying an enhanced driving adventure across Kefalonia.

Taxis and Buses

In Kefalonia, if driving isn’t your preference, taxis and buses serve as reliable alternatives for transportation. A central taxi station in Skala ensures you’re never far from catching a ride. The island’s taxi service is available around the clock and offers a selection of vehicles to accommodate groups of varying sizes and needs. Taxi drivers on the island are well-regarded for their polite manner and extensive local knowledge. Plus, they all speak English, which greatly simplifies communication.

For those who like planning ahead when it comes to travel expenses, Kefalonia provides set rates for specific journeys allowing travelers to manage their transport budget with ease. Airport or port arrivals can expect complimentary name board services by waiting taxi drivers — even during flight or ferry delays at no additional cost. Alternatively, if buses suit your travel style better, you’ll find that Kefalonia’s comprehensive bus network operated by KTEL not only connects key locations within the island but also extends its routes to neighboring islands such as Ithaki – an ideal choice both for visitors exploring the region and residents commuting between islands.


Engaging in a boat trip around Kefalonia is a superb option for those looking to delve into the island’s beauty. Boat Trips from Skala

Setting sail from Skala opens up a world of nautical adventures. With the Ionian Sea as your playground, the possibilities for discovery are endless. Here are some of the most enchanting boat trips you can embark on:

Day Trip to Ithaca

Ithaca, known as the mythical home of Odysseus, is just a short boat ride away. Spend the day exploring hidden coves, lush green landscapes, and historical sites that bring ancient Greek legends to life.

Visit the Blue Caves and Navagio Beach

Board a boat to the famous Blue Caves, where the play of light and water creates mesmerizing shades of blue. Continue to Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, for its stunning turquoise waters and the iconic shipwreck that rests in its sands.

Marine Life Exploration Around Fiscardo

The northern tip of Kefalonia near Fiscardo is renowned for its vibrant marine life. A boat trip here can include snorkeling or diving to witness the underwater wonders that include colorful fish and fascinating sea creatures.

Sunset Cruise Along the Coast

There's nothing quite like watching the sun dip below the horizon from the deck of a boat. Set off in the evening for a romantic sunset cruise, perhaps with a glass of local wine in hand, as you take in the panoramic views of the coast.

Tour of the Melissani Cave

A trip to the enchanting Melissani Cave, with its underground lake, is a must. Boats glide over crystal-clear waters under a canopy of dramatic stalactites, creating a surreal experience.

Each of these trips offers a unique perspective of Kefalonia and its surrounding islands, making a boat trip from Skala an essential part of your Greek island adventure.

Situated amongst the breathtaking Ionian Islands, Kefalonia offers an array of appealing options when it comes to kefalonia villa holidays, boasting a diverse selection of splendid kefalonia villas.

Villas Near Beautiful Beaches - Villa lemoni has some gorgeous ones

Beautiful cove on the way from Skala to Sami

Staying at Villa Lemoni offers the incredible advantage of having some of Kefalonia’s most beautiful beaches just a short distance away. The villa’s proximity to breathtaking shorelines and sparkling clear waters allows for effortless enjoyment of the island’s beach haven whenever you desire.

Mounda Beach

Mounda Beach, a stunning stretch of sand in the vicinity, boasts not only warm and gentle waters, but also serves as an important nesting ground for turtles. This feature lends an exceptional aspect to your visit. Mounda Beach presents itself as another captivating choice for those looking to discover more nearby beaches.

Kaminia Beach

Kaminia Beach stands out as a treasured spot along the coast of Kefalonia, nestled by the Ionian Sea. It serves as a conservation area for Loggerhead Sea Turtles and provides visitors with an exceptional beach encounter. The combination of its sandy beaches and inviting warm waters has made it popular with both residents and travelers.

Skala Beach

Finally, Skala Beach stands out as a favored destination for its array of facilities. If your heart is set on experiencing the splendor of Kefalonia’s landscapes or seeking an idyllic retreat for two, this beach provides an ideal backdrop.

The pristine sands and crystal-clear waters complemented by the lively ambiance of the adjacent town ensure that it becomes a highlight during your time spent at Villa Lemoni.


Offering a villa holiday that is unparalleled, Kefalonia captivates with its breathtaking scenery and opulent villas. At the epicenter of this enchanting island getaway stands Villa Lemoni, your gateway to an exceptional Kefalonia villa holiday experience. Equipped with superior services and facilities along with proximity to sublime beaches and quintessential local culinary delights, Villa Lemoni provides all the essentials for an idyllic Greek island adventure.

Villa Lemoni extends a warm invitation whether you’re part of a family in pursuit of enjoyment and tranquility, partners seeking a romantic escape or friends aiming for some leisure time. Simply prepare your luggage for an extraordinary journey and allow yourself to be swept away by the charm of Kefalonia’s villas, beaches, and overall holiday allure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bedrooms does Villa Lemoni have?

The villa named Lemoni boasts a trio of bedrooms that are designed for 6 people along with 2 cots for little ones.

What is the view from Villa Lemoni's balcony, patio, or terrace?

Villa Lemoni’s balcony, patio, or terrace presents breathtaking and tranquil scenery of the Ionian Sea for a truly picturesque experience.

What amenities are available at Villa Lemoni for outdoor dining and relaxation?

At Villa Lemoni, summer dining is a delight with facilities such as an outdoor dining table, areas for relaxation, a BBQ, and even a pizza oven to enhance your al fresco eating experience

What entertainment options are available at Villa Lemoni?

At Villa Lemoni, a variety of entertainment selections are available for your enjoyment, ranging from streaming services like Netflix and Prime to an assortment of DVDs. This ensures that guests have access to both modern and classic film experiences to suit any preference.