Book with Confidence Coronavirus Guarantee

You may have either a full refund or forward your holiday to another date (subject to additional charge/refund should date change impact the cost of stay), upon presentation of appropriate evidence that:

1.  Your airline cancelled your flight because The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FDCO), on behalf of the UK Government, or from The Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Greek Government, imposed travel restrictions due to Covid 19 in either in the UK or Greece;

2.   Or, if you are unable to travel because the FDCO or Greek authorities imposed travel restrictions or a lockdown affecting either the United Kingdom or Greece.

Please note, however, that it remains your responsibility to ensure that you purchase travel insurance with cover suitable and adequate for your particular needs. This includes Coronavirus (Covid-19) travel insurance to cover all guests for costs related to and incurred if:

1.    Your trip is cancelled because you, or someone in your group are diagnosed with Coronavirus (Covid 19);

2.    Or, if your trip must be cancelled because you, or someone in your group group are ordered by the FDCO or other relevant UK authorities to quarantine based on the suspicion that you/they have been exposed to Covid 19